Buy The Book

Kindle eBook

The book is available for Amazon Kindles (or the plethora of Kindle apps that run on smartphones or tablets).

You can buy it here, using this link.

For those outside the UK, Amazon will probably offer to link you to your local store. Or, if you prefer, click that link, then remove the ‘’ and replace it with your local Amazon’s country code.

Paperback book

You can order copies directly from me – that way I can sign them and maybe write a personal message if you’d like that. Contact me to find out more.

  • I’ll match the price on Amazon.
  • I won’t charge for postage (if you’re in the UK). I won’t charge for the envelope either.
  • And the personal message? I can come up with something or you can tell me what you’d like. (As long as it’s not rude. Or illegal.)

Or, if you’d rather, there’s always Amazon.

And don’t forget – it goes very nicely with the other book of short stories.